Jan. 23rd, 2008

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So, another exciting month has almost gone by. I've been doing a bit of driving again, putting money back in pocket after Christmas. Had to fix the snowblower yesterday. Seems a 12" cable for the drive gave out, and the local dealers have been having a run on them. Guess everyone's 5 year warranty ran out at exactly the same time mine did. Expect the neighbours machine to go soon :)

Been mostly healthy and wise (not wealthy) with just a touch of the cold. Unfortunately, it touched my throat, resulting in post-nasal drip (ugh) with strep throat(ugh x2) and dry hacking cough (ugh ..you get the idea) Doc has me on some anti-biotics, these things are HUGE! 875mg, about 2cms/ 3/4 inch long, and, of course, tasty.....

Been watching the_gneech and Susandeer get ready for the cons, wish I could join them. Lets see what tonights National Gambling Addiction brings. brb, pizza done!


Good news to pass along.. My brother had his first child born in December, a little girl named Maggie Theresa. Mother and daughter are both doing well. Pround grandparents left my sisters place on Dec26th and drove 1500 kms plus one ferry trip to go see her. Planning on staying until March or so. Poor kid's going to be spoiled rotten! :D


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