Apr. 25th, 2013

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My little sister moved back home last August to finish her education. She's done her BA, and now has the papers to prove it after 20 years of working in the financial field. She also brought her cats home. I'm allergic to them, but underwent 6 months of allergy shots for them (and grass).

Both cats are strange (HA!). One of them gets up in the middle of the night, picks up a fuzzy dice, and walks around with it in his mouth crying. You have to say his name and tell him everything is alright. Yes, it works. The other cat will get up near dawn and cry to be let out into our enclosed sunporch. A well placed slipper or closing my bedroom door usually works for that!

That being said, however... One (or both) of the cats decided this morning, that instead of meowing at the twilight, they would open the basement door and walk down the stairs.

Did I mention we have an alarm system on the house? Set to "stay", it arms the entry doors... and the basement.

0450 is a wonderful time to wake up to a 120dB siren. What does the 0 mean at the beginning of the time? OH MY GOD IT'S EARLY!


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